You were…..

You were sweet like saccharine,

You went deep like a submarine,

I thought you were my wolverine,

But you turned out to be my worst dream.



आसानी से हँस दिया करती है,

आसानी से रो दिया करती है।

ना जाने ऐसा क्यों होता है,

दुनिया के सामने वो कुछ बयाँ नहीं करती है।

जब जब वो गुफ़्तगू करती है,

चेहरे पे हँसी हमेशा रहती है।

मन में छिपे एहसांसो को क्या खूब छिपाया करती है ।

उसे जान ने की कोशिश ना करना कभी,

वो इस खेल को ज़मानों से खेला करती है।

The Few Faces

We meet a lot of new faces, and the search for the few begins.

In a huge crowd of double faces, the search for the real face begins.

Starting with the group of double digits, the sorting for the single ones begins.

And finally we get the few and now the happy time begins.

Now with the few, sharing of secrets begin, helping through problems begin, scolding for no reason begins.

And now when everything seems perfect, the drifting apart with the few begins.

The beginning now comes to an end, the sharing of sorrows comes to an end.

And now we look forward to disappear in the crowd of many faces, trying to stay away from those few faces.

We think we can easily forget those few faces, but our mind stops and our heart races.

You think you don’t need them and nor did they need you.

And those few faces are now the sad ugly faces.

Those ugly faces face each other a lot, and they miss how different they were from all.

Something was needed to be done to change this all.

Keeping the demons of their minds in full control, they tried to figure out everything being calm.

Now they realize that the few they were running from, were nothing but their favorite faces from all.

Those faces once more are the ugly smiling happy faces and nothing ever will ever fall.

Never let them know!!!

It’s good to raise the height of the walls surrounding your heart.

It’s good to not get affected by others.

It’s good to have a heart which is more oftenly compared to a stone.

It’s good to not feel for anyone.

It’s good to be emotionless, although you feel everything for everyone.

Yes I know you get affected by each and every words of others.

But O darling, never let them know this.

Feel everything but never let them know, because in the end what they do is end up hurting you.

What they do is make you feel guilty.

They make you feel like it was always your fault.

So feel everything, but never let them know.


Loneliness is not what we are scared of. It is something which we crave. Yes!  We all as a human being crave for loneliness. Because in this loneliness we find ourselves.  Being lonely when you are alone is far better than being lonely in a crowd. It’s only you who knows how it feels to be you. Loneliness sometimes becomes addictive. Once you see how peaceful it is to be lonely,  you will love it. 

Ek Baar. 

​Uska muskurakar Hume tanhaaiyon m chod K Jana kubool tha hume….. 

Uska kie gye waadon ko adhoora chod K Jaana kubool tha hume…… 

Uski Kabhi na rubaroo hone ki shart Manjoor thi Hume… 

Uski yaadon ko bhool jana kubool tha hume…. 

Use paane ki khwaish m Uski Aisi sharto ko kubool kr Lia ki use Kho Dia Humne…… 

Saath tu Nahi sahi…. Par saath tere Rehne ka khwaab hi sahi…

Un khwabao K Sahare zamane ki Har shart kubool ki Maine…. 

Tu laut K aa to sahi…. 

Saath nibha to sahi…. 

Gale se laga to sahi…. 

Mujhe  kubool kr to sahi…. 

Dilo ko judne de to sahi…. 

Ek bar, bas ek bar fir mujhe apna bana to sahi. 


One can be known to everyone and still remain unknown. 

One can be an open book and still have lots of secrets. 

One can be an extrovert and still have the fear to talk. 

One can be an introvert and still communicate to a lot. 

One can be a lover and still hate love. 

One can be the most rude person person in the squad and still have the purest and kindest heart. 

Today we have different choices to make of what we can be and what we want to be.